The Maplehill Drive Development

The Maplehill Drive Development

Burlington has grown to the point that as a city we just have no more room to grow. We have the lake to the south, Oakville to the east, Hamilton to the west, and the greenbelt to the north. We just have no more land to build on. If we want the population to grow, we need to increase the number of people per square foot. This is Burlington's goal through intensification. This means higher density buildings, condos, and townhouses. Unfortunately this could be in your backyard, as many who live on Maplehill Drive found out. This is just one example of what is happening in their beloved neighborhood, but this could happen in any neighborhood.

Maplehill drive is a road that ends in a cul-de-sac and has been a rather quiet neighborhood for many years. Ebenezer Church fronts on Dynes and the church property was believed to extend all the way back to the trail that runs parallel to Maplehill Drive. What nobody on Maplehill Drive realized was that the church property was actually two properties. The second property at the back of the church which housed the church school for many years, actually fronts on Maplehill Drive although it was never used as such. The church carried the property for many years, paying taxes and maintaining the property, until it decided it no longer wanted to. So when the church decided to sell the back property, it reverted to its original parcel which fronted on Maplehill Drive, unfortunate for those who enjoyed the quiet cul-de-sac.


Many people have asked, why can't the new development have access through the church property since it was the church that sold the property to the developers? It technically could and this would be referred to as an easement over the church property, but in the church's point of view why would they? The new development property has always existed and has always had title to entrance from Maplehill Drive. Just because homeowners on Maplehill Drive put a fence up to create some privacy, it does not remove the property's right to entrance off that road. If the church were to allow an easement over the church property, they are sacrificing their enjoyment of their property. Perhaps even more than enjoyment, they may be sacrificing the safety of their parishioners on a weekly basis and even more so during religious holidays. Now please do not think I am taking the Church's side on this. I am just listing the facts.

So how will this affect the property values on Maplehill Drive? Short term, they will decrease. No one wants to live on a street that will be disrupted by construction with the noise, dirt, and traffic. Long term value depends on the quality of the townhouses that are being built. If the Maplehill Drive cul-de-sac were being replaced with a through road, meaning it would no longer be a cul-de-sac, values would likely decrease due to the increase in through traffic. But since the development that is going in will end up being nothing more than an extension to the cul-de-sac with a total number of new homes going in being slightly more than 20, there will be little difference due to its creation. I believe the study stated no more than 17 additional cars per hour during peak times. As mentioned, the quality of the homes will have more of an affect on surrounding properties. Good news is, according to the drawings of the proposed properties and the speculated prices between the mid 600s to low 700s of these townhouses, the quality looks very nice.



Public Meeting Information
You are invited to attend the Public Meeting of the Planning & Development Committee at which Council members will consider the staff recommendation report for the 20 unit townhouse application. This meeting will take place on:
Date: March 6, 2018
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Council Chambers, Level 2 426 Brant Street

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