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Power Question 5: How Are The Neighbours?

Have you ever really liked or disliked your neighbours? If you have then you know the importance of our next power question.

How are the neighbours?

To some, even having neighbours that you really do not interact with is enough to make them consider moving.

Why is this a power question? Several reasons.

Neighbors can influence not only your enjoyment of the property, but possibly the resale value as well. Have you ever wanted to sit and enjoy your backyard on a nice summer day only to be interrupted by the neighbours loud music or barking dogs? Or perhaps your neighbour’s compost smells, or they store their garbage by your side of the fence? If the neighbors are inconsiderate, loud, pushy or rude, it can lead to confrontation and arguments about your enjoyment of your property.

What about neighbors that refuse to mow their lawn or keep their property clean? Or neighbors that do not keep up with the maintenance of their property with such things as roof shingles, broken windows, etc. All of these can negatively affect the market value of YOUR home. Especially for semi-detached, linked, or townhouses. Finding out about neighbors now can save you headache and heartbreak down the road.

It is not just your next door neighbours though. What about that restaurant just down the road that the smell of the cooking is just not to your taste? Or the large family run grocery store that has the dumpsters in the back the attract visitors such as rodents and insects? It is important to find out about the neighbourhood as well. Businesses can be bad neighbours too!

When considering purchasing a property, don’t forget to ask, “How Are The Neighbours”? Drive around the block and see what you can find out. Getting to know the area you are thinking of moving into, before you move into it, can save you a lot of head aches and heart breaks.

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